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If I have an ip address of a server on a remote switch how do I find out what port it is on?? I know I can get the Mac of the server and look at the Mac table but what if I only have ip. I used to get this but can't remember what I did. I console in...

gene.uhl by Level 1
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Hello,One of our clients is running MST on a ring with a diameter of 40 switches. Up until now everythings works fine. Our client wants to expand this even more with a couple of extra switches. I have not much realworld experience with MST. So I have...

Hello,I am trying to copy a file saved in bootflash from ethanalyzer capture on Nexus 7K. While trying to copy it gives the below message and copy fails.local: /bootflash/cop1: Permission deniedCopy complete, now saving to disk (please wait)...I can ...

Hi Netpro1)What are the below means?N7K-C7010-FAB-1 Nexus 7000 - 10 Slot Chassis - 46Gbps/Slot Fabric Module N7K-C7010-FAB-2 Nexus 7000 - 10 Slot Chassis - 110Gbps/Slot Fabric Module 1)How to calculate the Ration and the oversubscruption of the line ...

We are experiencing with high CPU input due to ARP input between 20:30 and 22:30 every dayAt this time we have a lot of backup operations. When I look the netflow report, I can't see anything anormal. We are changing our backup server's NIC card from...

eek by Level 1
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Just curious if anyone out there has experience using the 55xx as a L3 Distribution switch or even as a Core.  By enabling the L3 features does it allow you enabled L3 SVI's for VLAN interfaces or are there interfaces on the daughter card that are us...

ebell by Level 1
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Hi Guys1)what is the difference between N7K-F132XP and N7K-M132XP-15?2)Nexus 7000 - 32 Port 1G/10G Ethernet Module, SFP/SFP+,for SFP+ the module fits inside it is:GLC-SX-MM ,what if i need to run normal SFP(1GIG) what is the module name fits inside N...

Hi folksI do need some  clarification on frame-relay configuration Inverse ARP. I do have tow  books but but I'm getting different information as far as configuring a  frame-relay between two routers.Here is the information from 1st book:Single Inter...

Hi,My organization is going to run 10 GbE fiber optic across multiple campuses to provide faster connection from site to site (5 sites) and to a centralized datacenter located at one of the buildings. We've come up with a network design based on Cisc...

Ehsan M. by Level 1
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