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In one of the aggregation switch in France (Marcy) location, we could see VPC 20 status is down  Below are the actions taken from Network end :Interface Ethernet3/15 has been removed from Port channel 20 and added back again.Port channel 20 was broug...

azharM by Level 1
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Hi All,I'm looking to upgrade a few 9200L switches that are currently running Amsterdam 17.3.4b. For the Amsterdam train there is a new version 17.3.5; however there's another train called Bengaluru with a new suggested release of 17.16.3 that is new...

I'm seeing some unexpected behaviour on the CBS350 series of switches. A port-channel member interface will remain Up even when admin state is Down. With switches from other manufacturers, the shutdown option can be set independently of the Po. Is th...

sheffsix by Level 1
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Hi. Maybe the community will help. I have stacked 9200 switches (C9200L-48P-4X, sw version 17.06.03). Two devices are connected to the port - a voip grandstream phone working with PoE, and a computer (via the built-in bridge). The problem is that the...

OstemETIC by Level 1
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