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Resolved! Trouble with 2960

Ok, so I got a new 2960 shipped to one of my sites to replace a fried switch.  Once the switch was plugged into the network, I found it's address and opened the http interface.  Once in the switch I selected express setup, set the options and entered...

fdouble08 by Level 1
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Hi,I am setting up a lab exercise and came across this unusual problem when implementing the lab...The lab is for a simple illustration of STP and its a simple setup with 3 switches: Switch1(3560), Switch2(3550) and Switch3(3560 PoE) connected in a f...

subhish_p by Level 1
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Scenario:  Our ISP has two Cisco 2811 routers onsite that provide redundant links to the Internet.  One link is 40MB and the other is 20MB.  We currently have a Free BSD router that connects via a hub to the two Cisco 2811.  Our ISP is running HSRP a...

gdrandles by Level 1
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Hello;When i check debug logs, i see;interface IB0/0, routine draco2_ibc_soutput_guts, timestamp 16:39:39.471dbus info: src_vlan 0x0(0), src_indx 0x387(903), len 0x81(129)  bpdu 0, index_dir 0, flood 0, dont_lrn 1, dest_indx 0x10000(65536)  00020008 ...

A c1841 router gets loosing hardware addresses of hosts connected to ports of a HWIC-4ESW module inserted. Port shut / no shut without result, only a reload solves the issue for some days or weeks. The router has been exchanged already, including HWI...

My company got a new Cisco router a couple weeks ago and I've been attempting to configure it whenever I have a chance to do so. I have managed to set up the interfaces and get my ip address set on the outside interface(eth0/1) but I am unable to get...

dsarance1 by Level 1
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Hi to all, till now i was not able to figure out the basic configuration of peer group.I'm using the following topology:Brief: R4, R3,R5,R6 belong to the AS 65100.I load the following configuration into R4:router bgp 65100 no synchronization bgp log-...

Hello.  My lab setup is like this.Computer(vlan12) -> Switch 1 (vlan 5 and 12) -> Switch 2 (vlan 5) -> Switch 3 (vlan 5)This the physical setup of the devices in use.I cannot get to VLAN 5 on switch 2 and 3 from my computer.  I can access vlan 5 on s...