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I have a small office networt (30+) PC, Mac, Unix machines. I have a Cisco 871  router off of a Full T1 going into one 48 port Switch. The switch is able to use LACP links which I use for our servers. Is there a way to do this with the 871? It is cre...

I had a sup2 fail on my 6509.  I switched over to the standby sup and everything is fine.  Cisco has sent me a replacement supervisor and I am getting ready to install it in the switch.My 6509 is a hybrid switch and is configured for high availabilit...

I have the following error on the log.  Anyone has similar problem? %PM_SCP-SP-2-LCP_FW_ERR_INFORM: Module 2 is experiencing the following error: Port ASIC (PINNACLE) packet buffer failure detected on ports  2, 4, 6, 8Thanks.Peter

Peter Kim by Beginner
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After a powerloss last night one of my networks can no longer access the internet.The router (Cisco 2901) is configured, and can access the internet, but the server and all the workstations can't ping the gateway.The network is on a subne...

jnix by Beginner
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Hi everyone, sorry for noob question...i have a nps /radius server on windows 2008 and my goal is to enable 802.1x authentication with slm2008...I have reenabled eap-md5 (both on server 2008 and windows 7 used for testing) but nothing happened.anyone...

Hi All,I know i am lacking a lot in below given config. Can some one plzzzzzzzzzz help me to allign it for industry standard..?I am using C2811 router with  12.4(13r)T running.My problems are1. Need industry standard config.2. PATing happens only on ...

vinuqueta by Beginner
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I have a new 2811 switch. I powered it up and logged in as "cisco' pwd = "cisco'I got logged out before I set the username. Now I can't get logged back in.Do I have to power cycle it ? It is remote. I lost the connection. That's how I gotlogged out. ...

lkoons by Beginner
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Hello,I have provisioned a switch so I can add a 3rd switch (same models), as long as the priority is lower than the master I should be ok?And I can have all none master (members) just set to priority 1?Thanks

Andy White by Participant
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Hi,I have a customer using 7606 Router, now they are requesting for another router of same series. I can see only 7606S chasis now in the configurator.Is 7606 and 7606S are fully compatible with modules / line cards? Can I use 7606 and 7606S together...