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Hello,I am searching for a replacement model for Linksys WET 11 bridge... I have been using this for connecting my games to a Wireless Access Point..Since this bridge is not available, I have got new WET610N and connected.. But it gives so many issue...

Gokul Dev by Level 1
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Our leaf switches are 3560. They have 2 uplinks to our core stack of 3750's.  There has been a lot of changes on the 3560 configuration.  The network guy has been trying to get a voice vlan setup and qos.  He's off on vacation and we need to image up...

bleucube by Level 1
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We just purchased a Cisco Catalyst 2960S-48TD-L and to my suprise the power cable on it is a 15A-250v.  In laymans terms, the end that plugs into the wall is of the twist and lock nature.  This switch is going into a colo that was not spec'd out for ...

ncustodio by Level 1
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Hi,I have a small network with the following:1x Netgear 48 port Switch1x Cisco 2950 24 port SwitchThese two are connected through an uplink port on the Netgear switch.One have one Windows server running TFTP Server and other software. My devices (cus...

DJDemarco by Level 1
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I am designing a new OSPF network that will combine several sites.  My original plan involved adding all the WAN routers into Area 0 and then either putting each (L3) user switch and each data centre into its own area or creating an Area for each sit...

Core layer, VSS:1) 2 x WS-C6504-E2) 2 x VS-S720-10G-3CDistribution layer 3, Stackwise :2 x 3750XAccess layer 2:4 x 3560xInter-switch connection:1) Each 3750X has one connection to one 6504 and configure the two links into layer 3 MEC with ePAgP.2) Ea...

The baldeswitch:Cisco IOS Software, CBS31X0 Software (CBS31X0-UNIVERSAL-M), Version 12.2(40)EX3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)Is configured in VTP mode client, and on the vtp server I have defined vlan 12xx, but those vlans are not shown on the bladeswitch...

Hi,I had a stack of 3750 witht the latest IOS version.When I reboot the switch, I have all CDP from neighbor.After few hours, the table is empty and no way to retreive it.clear cdp, no cdp, cdp,...Nothing works.The only suitable way is to reboot comp...

s.balon by Level 1
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Hi,We had a Cisco 3750 with a interface that encounter output drop .We change the cable, we change the interface.The traffic have the same bandwidth pattern since a long time but now we have output drop.We try to increase the output hold queue but wi...

s.balon by Level 1
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