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assigning ip

Hi,I have two sites , collapsed core between sites there is layer 3 connection also between edge and core also layer 3 in site one there is 25 edge switces and site 2 10 edge switches   in site-1 nodes are classified like below  computersstaff (HR, f...

SG350 can't send commands through Plink

I've been using a script on a BUNCH of SG300's and it works just fine. But now I have an SG350 and the script won't work. Essentially it's calling plink.exe and pointing to a TXT file telling the switch to run commands (a simple sh ver, sh run). I ca...

6500 fan tray issue

I have a WS-C6509 and after a power cut the 6500 started to give these two messages repeatedly. Please what should i do.   %C6KENV-SP-4-FANTRAYFAILED: fan tray 1 failed%SNMP-5-CHASSISALARM: Chassis Alarm Trap: tmpAlarm(OFF), minorAlarm(OFF), and/or m...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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how to use sniffer on Packet tracer

Good Afternoon everyone,   I have assignment that i need to create full "Network", using all device like switch, hub, server ..etc. The problem that i force that i need to use "Sniffer" its first time to me using that device.   I need help how can i ...

Salim.H.H by Beginner
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FreeBSD vulnerability

Our vulnerability scan detected the vulnerability "Unix Operating System Unsupported Version Detection (33850)" for cisco ESA in AsyncOS version 13.5.2-036, as a complementary information shows the display: FreeBSD 10.4 support ended on 2018-10-31. U...