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team,I have a setup of vxlan with NVE on Nexus switches version version 10.1(1). when I do show nve peers detail, shows nothing:SW1:!Command: show running-config!Running configuration last done at: Mon Dec 18 01:00:24 2023!Time: Mon Dec 18 02:38:58 2...

Johnson_Mo by Beginner
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hi all,i want to monitor switch uplink bandwith per port and for the main uplink to find out if its being bottleneckedis there a good network monitor tool i could use for this that it will show me live data and maybe i can install grafana to see all ...

Hi everyone,   Quick question: when a host received an ARP request for itself (ARP Target IP address = local IP) will the host install an ARP entry using the Sender MAC address / Sender IP address in the ARP message?   I have seen some OS learning AR...

mjoannic1 by Beginner
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hi all, may i know what is the difference between the power cords of above two part numbers? can i use any of them to power up 3850 switches? even though they looked alike, any technical difference between the two? https://www.google.com.sg/search?q...

jimmychia by Beginner
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Hi,can someone please help what is cause of input error on interface on switch ASR1001cdc-tel-choke-1#sh int Gi0/0/3GigabitEthernet0/0/3 is up, line protocol is up  Hardware is ASR1001, address is 5057.a883.eb03 (bia 5057.a883.eb03)  Description: AIS...

I am a beginner when it comes to vlans and this is hurting my brain. I am trying to access a server that I created a vlan for. When the port GigabitEthernet 1/0/3 is set to an access port on vlan 200, which is the vlan that I designated for my homela...

This is my first time upgrading the firmware on this switch.   Unlike the 2960's which are pretty straight forward with the GUI, this one is a lot more complicated. I have setup a TFTP server on my local Win10 machine and connected to it from the swi...

I am having trouble configuring Business 220 switches to support a Q-in-Q tunnel.My Configuration: Switch 1 & 4 are 16 port Business 220 switches. Ports 1-10 are configured as Access ports VLAN 11-20 respectively. Port 15 is configured as a Trunk por...

ChrisR132 by Beginner
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