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I have a switch I want to upgrade the IOS on, I have the IOS image downloaded, and a tftp server running on my PC: can anyone help me with the basic steps to do next in order to upgrade the IOS?Thanks

cisco-pix by Level 1
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Can anyone explain the difference between the following commandsip inspect name outbound http ip inspect name outbound https ip inspect name outbound dns ip inspect name outbound icmpcompared toip inspect name outbound tcpip inspect name outbound udp...

When I boot C2801 router, it displays message :*May 19 10:08:53.983: %PA-3-PACREATE: Unable to create driver for Port Adaptor type 65535 in bay 0After booting is complete, I can not see any interface (no built-in Ethernet, no serial on WIC-2A/S).I su...

Hi, I already had SUP 32 installed in Cisco 6509. Now i am trying to install a redundant SUP 32 in slot 6. the sup 32 is not getting recognised. show module shows slot six as " SUPVISOR - Other ". why is this h...

I have an etherchannel interface from our 6509 core to our 3750 distribution stack. On the 6509 I'm seeing a lot of input queue drops/flushes. The input traffic on this interface is never that high (the etherchannel consists of 3 1GB Fiber ports), ...

niro by Level 1
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Hi NetPro,i have received this msg from syslogs.does anyone who has the same problem before ? how do i find out the root cause ? Core-Switch-------------------2008-05-15 01:38:57 Local7.Critical 2008 May 15 01:06:46 GMT8 +08:00 %SPANTREE-2...

ney25 by Level 2
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Do the 3750E series support EIGRP and OSPF? Specifically the 3750E-48PD-F E series switch. I don't see anything related to standard or enhanced image for the e-series, like their is for the normal 3750 options.thanks in adavance,