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Resolved! Hybrid to Native Mode Issues

Hello all,I have done a couple Hybrid to Native mode conversion's in the past couple month's with no issue. Now I am having some issues. I have a SUP2-MSFC2 with 128DM on the SUP board and 512D on the MSFC2. We have tried multiple MSFC2's and SUP2's...

sevans1979 by Enthusiast
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Cisco switch config help

I have an IBM Bladecenter with two cisco integrated switch modules. Each module has 4 external ports, which I want to connect to my two Cisco 2924 switches. If you are unfamilar with how the bladecenter network works, on each cisco switch, it has 1...

ntwaddell by Beginner
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3550 VS. 3560 - Suggestions

Hey there all.I am in the process of purchasing a Catalyst 3550 or 3560 Catalyst and need confirmation on software and capibilities. The switch needs to be able to do Private Vlans, have 2 SPAN Ports, and at least 2 GBIC Ports. I am aware that the...

OSPF dies when apply ACL

I'm using the following ACL on my distribution router which connects to core and as soon as as i apply inboud or outboud the ospf dies, i see the log dead time expired. Do I need to allow anything in the ACL for OSPF to work? Please adviceip access-l...

nawas by Enthusiast
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3560 socket question

I have a problem getting the address socket number 10001, through to the 10.10.4.x address in this switch. At the switch and station level I can ping the address, however I can only telnet to the port when logged into the switch, not from...

tgatton by Beginner
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Invisible WLC?

Hi,If I plug a 4400 WLC into a 3750 switch and look at the topology on Network Assistant connected to the switch I should actually see the WLC, shouldn't I?It doesn't appear.I believe I've configured the management interface and ports correctly on th...

Resolved! VLAN membership Policy Server

I'm interested in implementing VMPS on our network. This is one of the few VLAN policy servers that will work with our phones. My question is this: Our core switches are 6506's and according to cisco, they don't have the ability to be the server for ...

Forward from Internet Problem

Hello all,i have a big problem. i have a zyxel router with ip that i take internet from (dsl router).On my cisco 3750 i have setup a vlan with ip (vlan4) to have internet connectionon the router i have add the following comm...

COnfiguring SSH on Cisco 2811 Routers

Hi Guys,we have two Cisco 2811 routers here functioning as border routers running BGP, so very eesential to our operation but the admin before me ( I have just gotten here) had tried to configure ssh on those router but at this time we cannot access ...

m-abooali by Enthusiast
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What switch

Hi. I want to buy a switch for ethernet workgroups with some security features:- IEEE 802.1x with dinamic vlan;- PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS;- User's traffic profile;- Guest vlan;- Users can be assigned a VLAN upon authentication;- Isolated vlan for wo...

paulo.s by Beginner
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Resolved! I'm looking for an IOS version for a 4507R

running Sup V's that is as close to a 3750 running IOS version 12.2(37)SE. I used the 3750 to do some testing with 802.1X and want to get as close to that as possible with the 4507. The only version I can find is 12.2.37-SG (ED) and not sure if there...

4506 power supplies

We have a problem with a 4506 power supply we believe , it has dual 220V to each power supply and the power to each has been verified . Has anyone else seen this? This is a brand new installation . Below is the show env display, probably faulty ...