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Hi all, can anyone tell me what triggers the spanning tree change notifications, would enabling a port cause the switch to send one out? and what effect does it have on the network ?

Hello, I have the following ACL on a 2500 router using IOS 12.0:The scenario, basically looks like thisLAN--"outside"-Router-"inside"-internet(seems a little bit strange as to what the router considers in/out)ip access-list extended INSIDE-E0 evaluat...

We have a single router that is the last hop router before our firewall and the inside interface, E0, of that router is our default route.Say E0 is, all of our internal routers have 'ip route' configed.E0 of th...

jkeeffe by Level 2
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have several switches that I am trying to backup their config to a tftp server. Two of them I am able to ping the server and copy the config to the server. The others will not ping the server or connect to the server. I have a vlan set up for the sw...

Anyone know what tha above may mean? It is from a catos switch running ancient SW, and the error message decoder suggests contacting support. The SW age means no TAC, but it would be nice to have a clue.The network is also poorly designed - everythin...

I had 12416 router with Modular SPA Interface Card (10G) card on one of its port it shows flow control off and on other it shows on. How can I make it off---------------CHD-ISP-COR-RTR-22#sh int gigabitEthernet 4/0/2GigabitEthernet4/0/2 is up, line p...

Can someone check out this setup carefully and tell me what they think??I will upload the diagram. Read the detail, please.Its for a LAN campus environment.Its just a general architecture/topology drawing. Not too many specifics. Dont need them for n...

lamav by Level 8
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