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Resolved! Block rdp access on my switch

Hello,I am trying to block access from switch on vlan7 outbound for tcp/3389.  My IP is  interface Vlan7ip address access-group BLOCK_RDP inip access-group BLOCK_RDP out ip access-list extended BLOCK_RDPdeny...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Cat9500 EVN Vnet trunk

Does someone know if Cat9500 will support EVN Vnet trunk in the near future? We are going to replace a bunch of Cat4500x where Vnet trunk is in use.Regards,Urs

Auto-back for Nexus3K

Hi Friends,we want to do auto-back configuration for Cisco 3K nexus switch through TFTP. Please find the below sample configurations. suggest me best one and modify if any changes are required.Because, below both are unable to configure and stocking ...


Hi Experts, What is the difference between securesticky and securedynamic in the output of "sh port-sec add" 1. As far as my understanding both term define the MAC address learned dynamically.2. The difference I could see is that in running config fo...

Resolved! QoS(quality of Service) On Two Sg300 28p manage switches.

Can QoS is possible in 2 manage switch to 4 unmanaged switches (daisy-chaining) and in the last switch is a managed switch. Im having a hard time because of the setup it's too far and I only have this 2 Manage switch(Sg300 28p) switch and 4 unmanaged...

Micco by Beginner
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Prioritize traffic for VLANs on 3750X

Hello, I use 3750X switches with IOS version 152-4.E9.I'm looking to prioritize all traffic for VLANs 10 to 30 (data enterprise), the other VLANs will be in best effort. Is it possible to prioritize traffic for some VLAN ? Thank you in advance for yo...

sebastien3 by Participant
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Resolved! vPC & OSPF

Hello,I have the following scenario, two nexus 9K are configured as vPC peers with HSRP, the upstream is connected to active/standby firewall with OSPF configured.below is the configuration;SW1 & SW2----router ospf 1bfdrouter-id 0.0.0....

Resolved! Switch Link Interfaces (SLI)

Hi Expert I found  "Switch Link Interfaces (SLI)" term in Cat 9400 series white paper as shown below.https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/switches/catalyst-9400-series-switches/white-paper-c11-741865.pdf What is SLI actually?