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Hi, I have to install a Cisco IE-4000-4S8P4G-E switch in a substation in which we have equipment sending GOOSE frames; this device sends these frames to another client device connected to a cisco 2960X-24TS-S switch on the LAN. Do you know if these f...

Hi guys, i have an extrange issue with some port channels on my cisco 9300 series (stack with 4 members). I have a port channel (4 interfaces) betwenn a Cisco and a Fortinet D500 (firewall) and the issues is this:  when i have the four interfaces con...

pcristina by Beginner
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Hello,I have these switchs : 2 x 9300  : already configured by a other person4 x 2960-x : new, out of the box--I configure IP, VLAN,Trunk,ports, ..., etc... for the 2960-xAnd it"s OK.Then, I connect one the 2960-x with the 9300, on the same configura...

CERKYR by Beginner
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Greetings, We are running into authentication issues. I know there is a command to see what DACL was sent down to the switch, but can't remember it for the life of me. On older switched **bleep** ip access-lists int gi1/0/5 would show it, but on the ...

As I know, VXLAN uses OSPF for its underlay. However, it seems BGP is involved in the underlay, but I cannot figure out the purpose. A VTEP encapsulates a packet, and if OSPF is deployed, every device should be able to route the packet to another VTE...

JaySu by Beginner
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Hello,The command "show log" seems to be with low details and with no history y default, inside 2960-X.How to increase the detail level and the history (last 365 days, for exemple) ?Regards, 

CERKYR by Beginner
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Hi! I have configured a WS-C2960L-SM-48TS switch with multiple VLANs which are working fine.Another switch which serves VLANs 10,40,50 has been connected to the 2960L switch on interface Gi0/46.Interface Gi0/46 has been set as Trunk and VLANs 10,40,5...

net buzz by Beginner
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Cisco 2960-48 switch has powered Cisco 7965 phones for 2 years w/o problem.  This week we lose power and when it is restored the phones won't power up.  After much troublshooting I trip across the solution - unplug the Jabra headset from the AUX jack...

John Gage by Beginner
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Dear Community, I would like to add MACsec (in Manual Mode) between 3560C and 3560X switches. According to these links 3560C can be configured:https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/solutions/collateral/borderless-networks/trustsec/trustsec_platform_suppo...

Wolfi by Beginner
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Hi, I have a problem in specific VLAN and this is the error  %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 1c66.6d97.7871 in vlan 111 is flapping between port Gi2/0/9 and port Te2/0/1this error is continuously and I can't browse the internet and when i  assigned an...

does anyone have the details ? From the presentation below, you can see that there are 4 ASICs with 6 SFP+ each, for the 24x40GE switch. Can i assume for the 40x10GE switch this will be: ASIC 1: p1 - 12 ASIC 2 : p 13 - 24 ASIC 3 : p 25 - 36 ASIC 4 : ...

gnijs by Enthusiast
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