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Hello Everyone, I have been going back and forth with different integrators and none of them seem to really know what specific standards to go by on Displays for Video Conferencing such as refresh, NITS, IPS boards, etc. What they do know is what the...

I am working on a design for a video conferencing system using the Webex Codec Pro.  I have three sources using the 3 HDMI content inputs and the 2 camera HDMI inputs are used by a Speaker Track 60 camera.  I would like to use the SDI input of the Co...

TimHart by Level 1
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Hi all, I'm attempting to write a macro that retrieves the Microsoft Outlook Calendar for a user.  i get the message 'Failed writing received data to disk/application'  if I request a weeks worth of meeting data - The call works if I get a shorter du...

Hello all,At client’s sites and at our office we have several codec's, Roomkit, Roomkit Plus, SX80, that is giving a Certificate Expiration issue. I read the admin guides and tried to find similar issues online and here in the Cisco Community but cou...

BW Dijk by Level 1
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