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COP File

Hi, I want to know what exactly the cop file is? 1. Before upgrading UCCX or CUCM  from one version to another version need to install cop file, but why 2. Without cop file its possible to upgrade the UC Version. If yes, then why we required this. 3...

shaffizaks by Beginner
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Resolved! Activation code services for CUCM 11.5.(1) SU4

Hi Everyone,I want to know if it is possible to activate the service "activation codeé on a CUCM in release 11.5.(1) SU4 in order to be able to onboard my client's video devices on the webex cloud (via the webex device connector application) while ke...


Resolved! E1 0/1/0: No voice port or DSP resource for voice feature on ISR4321

Hello all, I would like to install My E1 ,on cisco ISR 4321 , but it not work , it give me the message error: ISR4321-1(config-controller)#pri-group timeslots 1-31E1 0/1/0: No voice port or DSP resource for voice featureE1 0/1/0: For MFT T1E1 modules...

akram.root by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Where/how to download & install the native 64-bit Informix ODBC Drivers

I was using the 32-bit drivers with 10.5, but we are on UCCX 12.5 now and 64-bit reporting software.  At some point I have installed the 64-bit native ODBC drivers on my own PC but now need to provide access for several others & can't find these here...

Resolved! CUCM - Service Parameter Change - Local route group for redirected calls

Hi Everyone,  We're planning on changing the default Service Parameter in our Environment for "Local route group for redirected calls". Based on what I've researched so far, this is classified as a Clusterwide parameter. We have a couple quick questi...

Jesse3620 by Beginner
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CIPC 8.6.2 Getting Runtime error when opening (Fresh Install)

Hi all,   I am trying to install CIPC 8.6.2 to a user's computer. I already tried the workaround of deleting the Communicator folder in the User folder and deleting the registry. I attached the error we get after opening CIPC and this is after a fres...

Assigning single device profile for multiple phones with different extensions

Hello Guys,I have a query about assigning a single device profile for multiple phones with different extensions.CUCM simply creates a device profile with extension mobility privilege that is associated with an end-user, when the user login from the w...


IM&P 10.5 and PostgreSQL 12 - Schema created but Cisco XCP Message Archiver service won't start

Hello,Has anyone ever attempted to use PostgreSQL 12 as an external database successfully? My IM&P version is I could only find information concerning PostgresSQL up to version 10, but as the Windows server I had been given access to ...

Shaun H by Beginner
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