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Resolved! Unity 4.2(1) - unified messaging not working for 1 user

HelloOne out of 33 users is not able to retreive the VM from his e-mail.I've checked so far the licenses, which are good, the CoS is correct also.the unity version is 4.2(1) TSP 1.2(1) and the CCM is 4.1(3) no patches installedwhat am I missing thank...

Unity not send MWI OFF on 2nd port on 2nd integration

HI,I have a 2nd Integration from unity into a CUCM5.1 with 2 ports.I set port 2 for MWI, and turned that off for port 1.if I leave a message, MWI on goes through port 2, all sweet.If I listen to my voicemail (and should set MWI off) the MWI is never ...

CCM 6.1

I just wanted to get some feedback from forum users regarding CCM 6.1. Is it stable enough to offer to new customers who don't have IP Telephony yet and still on legacy phone systems.orShould still offer CCM 4.1(3) or 5.1 platforms in order to achie...

abbas.ali by Beginner
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Unity Connection 1,2 French

I have a quick simple question I hope. I have a Unity connection 1.2 with two Languages English and French. How to I make sure that if a user hits a french Mailbox they get French if thats the language they should get. I have set the 'Inherit Lanngu...

miket by Contributor
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