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Hi,Can anyone please advise if the E5-2637D (v3) CPU is supported for use in a C240 M4S (assuming 2133MHz memory)?The datasheet for the C240 M4S doesn't list it, but does list the E5-2637E (v4), which requires 2400MHz memory to get the full bus speed...

HamR by Beginner
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Hello,We want to the maximize FC bandwith on B200M5 with VIC 1340.Chassis is linked to FI with 2x40GB links per IOMFC uplinks are 4x16 GB  per FI to brocade SAN (32GB, sfp 16 GB)SAN Array is Pure FA m50r2 with 8x16GB uplinks.OS is ESXi 6.7U2, UCS FW ...

cma60 by Beginner
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