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I have a grip of SPA 941's and they only have 1 port. We only have 1 ethernet port on our computers so I need help finding an adapter or some sort of product that will allow me to share 1 LAN between the phone systems and our computer. Any advice is ...

We have been having an issue with our VOIP system.  We purchased a SPA525G2 phone in the hope that it would connect back remotely to our UC520 and could be used everywhere in the world.I have over 15 years configuring Cisco gear and have a CCNA and C...

The SPA-3000 after upgrading from firmware 3.1.18 to 3.1.20 can no longer send a DTMF # tone out its gw0 port: It instead incorrectly replaces any # characters in the dial string with the numbers 2, 3.I would appreciate if someone on this forum could...

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