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Hello,I have a cisco 887W router with several SPA504 phones that are not able to fully register to send and receive calls, inbound the phones will ring but no audio heard either way.At the moment I have NAT'd udp 5060 direct to a single phone and tur...

UC540SP 8.6.0Can the Intersite Dialing Prefix be different for the sites?For example, can Site 1 use an Intersite Dialing Prefix of '4', and Site 2 use an Intersite Dialing Prefix of '7'?Or does the Intersite Dialing Prefix have be '4' for both Site ...

Hi everyone,I am trying to set up Cisco Jabber for iPhone with CME 8.6.Here is my config:voice register global mode cme source-address port 5060 no outbound-proxy max-dn 56 max-pool 14 authenticate register hold-alert voicemail 555 tftp-path...

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