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Resolved! Voice mail notification to cell phone does not complete

We have uc540 ver 8.1, cca 3.01We have set up voicemail notification to email and a cell phone. When a voice message is left and the notification is sent, the cell phone rings once and the number "1 398 1" is displayed briefly. 398 is our autoattenda...

lbroering by Beginner
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provisioning spa922, spa962 and spa509G at night time

I have three models of phones spa922, spa962 and spa509G.The problem is that every time this phones get the provision files the phones reboot. Because the pc are conected to the phones and there is a link down I cannot make them provisioning every nu...

Resolved! auto_attendant uc560 can not call internal extension

Dear alli am having problem enabling user to dial employee extension after he hears the greeting message ,it says invalid number although the extension is validand i have enable dial by number any time .the configuration is as shown in the attached i...

SIP URI Dialing fails with Firmware V7.4.8 on spa504g

I have always been able to dial SIP URI's from my SPA504G directly registered with various VoIP providers that I use.That is, until I upgraded from firmware version 7.4.7 to version 7.4.8.For the last few days I couldn't figure out why I was no longe...