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Hi Gang!  I have been looking for quite a while for an answer for this...I am trying to use my UC520 as a responder PBX for a Click to Dial feature on my website.  The scenario is the user visits the website, reads the article, post or ad-copy and no...

sbweltman by Level 4
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I've got a new SPA932 for a customer of mine to go with their new SPA962 phonesBut no lights on the SPA932 will blink at all even during Phone reboot or when in test mode. I need to know if it is normal for a SPA932 not to blink while the phone it is...

adabbas by Level 1
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I've been playing around with the scripts for AA, which are great, and pack 4.2.9 comes with some nice new ones. I found the GUI quite helpful to create a script from scratch as well.The one thing I haven't figured out how to do, is to use a custom W...