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Just curious if anyone has had success connecting a PIX with a Watchguard Firebox II running OS 4.5 or higher? Are there any issues that are unique to such a scenario?I have two branch offices that are currently connected via Watchguards, however, o...

jpeter by Beginner
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Hi:I have a LAN environment with 2 different IP subnets ( and My IPSec tunnel is configured for subnet. If a remote users connects to subnet through IPSec tunnel they can not access the 172.17.0...

Hi All,Got a curly one. I have a VPN based WAN with 827's and 801's at the remote sites (13 of em) with the 827's doing GRE tunneling over IPSEC via ADSL to a 2620XM. The 801's dial a 2620 with a PRI using dialer-watch if the ADSL goes down. Routing ...

gdavies by Beginner
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How would someone go about submitting a formal request with Cisco to make some chanes to the screens used to manage VPN accounts? It would really be nice if they could include a 'COMMENTS/NOTES' field that you could put some freeform text messages i...

sneeland by Beginner
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I have a PIX 515 6.1(3) My problem is regarding a IPSEC VPN with IKE between my pix and the remote site router. The VPN uses shared keys.The issue I have is when the key lifetimes expire and the IKE key axchange is renegotiated.I lose the VPN connect...

j.khandia by Beginner
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SCENARIO: SOHO customer has a cable modem internet connection. They are using a PIX 501 behind the cable modem. They want the ability to VPN into PIX using VPN software client from anywhere on the internet. Pretty basic set up. I have tested this in...

tvorhauer by Beginner
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I can't seem to be able to change the SSL port on my 3005 VPN Concentrator. I've edited the rule that's applied to the public filter, and I've edited the port under management protocols, but it only seems to work on the default 443 port. The regula...

Hi,this is the error messages I got trying a TCP connection through PIX-to-PIX vpn. Seems that SYN timeout and SYN ACK could not find the SYN entry in the state table.==========================================================302001: Built inbound TCP...

xinhua by Beginner
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I've turned on MPPC over PPTP and L2TP on the VPN 3005 browser interface for all groups. Yet, when a client makes a connection, with Enable software compression checked, software compression never occurs. Any ideas?

Hi, If I use public range IP address (eg 100.100.x.x) for my office network and I intended to use VPN to connect to my remote office. Will that post an issue? Will the be any impact? My concern is that I might be sending out legel IP addresses to th...

hi all,Does vrrp on vpn 3000 concent work like hsrp ?I mean is there a active vpn300 and a standby vpn3000?is there a virtual ip add as hsrp or does the second vpn3000 takes the ip add off the first (like a pix failover)?Can i perform load balancing ...

a.diot by Beginner
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