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I have a site to site VPN that runs on  IPsecOverNatT(The external interface is NATTed on the router to a public IP),how do i disable this feature? I want to configure my external interface with a public IP and update it on the other side of the VPN....

We have a dmvpn hub in the states with 150 clients which are working well, but recently we installed a 881 in the UK that is giving me trouble.I'm able to get consistant pings from my dmvpn hub's outside address to the 881 dmvpn hub's outside address...

bob bob by Level 1
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Dear All, I have been trying to create S2S IPsec tunnel between my head office which is running Cisco 2801 and the remote site has Cisco rv042 but unable to establish ipsec tunnel. Need help. Regards, Talha

M Talha by Level 1
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The company I work for use cisco 2600 to give access to computer over a dial up connection, but the speed is too slow, what should I change to make it better? I think it's limited to 33kbps.

Maknino by Level 1
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Hi Everyone, we are using always on functionality with TND using secure SSL Servers. I have following questions: 1. I can enter several URLs and the hashes get generates. Does AnyConnect try to connect to servers from top to bottom in the list. Tha...

Hi my friends, I had a problem with my VPN connection, this message appears. "Login denied. Your session has been terminated due to your machine's security posture". Thanks!

cnc87859 by Level 1
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Hello, Everyone I'm running across an issue with my VPN connection between my peer and my end we are unable to ping each other private network addresses

Hi, I'm trying to set up a site to site vpn. Site A (local):, external IP 81.14.x.x. (CISCO ASA 5512) Site B (remote):, dynamic external IP IPsec Tunnel comes up nicely, data is transferred both ways. I can't ping all of...

Hello community,I need to deploy two packages with SCCM : one with vpn module and web security and one without vpn module and web security.Do anyone know a detection method via WMI, registry key or filesystem to differentiate both packages. I propose...