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Hello, We are installing an evaluation license on our ASA ver. 8.4 for Anyconnect premium and Adv Endpoint protection.We already have the keys for the license. But the evaluation period is only 28 days and after which the license will be invalid.How ...

I've upgraded the software on my ASA 5505 from 8.2(5) to 8.4(7) to 9.0(4) and ASDM from 6.4(5) to 7.3(1).I'm having some trouble translating the following 8.2 rules, and could use some help.This configuration is part of a network-extension-mode vpncl...

tommitek1 by Beginner
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 Hi, I have a spoke which has dual ISPs and I wish to connect this spoke back to the hub which as a single ISP. Can anyone advise me on how this can be achieved ?....What I did try was to configure two tunnels on the Hub and spoke, with separate netw...

Vic de by Beginner
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Hello      I am trying to setup 2FA for IPSEC/VPN clients confgirued con my CISCO ASA 5510; I chose DuoSecurity and Linux FreeRadius to complete the setup.  I am following the instructtions on this site:  https://www.duosecurity.com/docs/cisco-ipsec....

Dear All,   I have a site to site vpn von the HQ to the Branch Office.   As soon as they are no more clients connected behind the BranchRouter, I have no way to connect to the Branch Router, but the VPN remember open.   My Branch Router Config: ser...

Cisco ASA 5585 IPsec VPN Client and AnyConnect cannot obtain an ip address from the "Local defined ip pool" not External DHCP server for remote peer.Everything is fine, but remote peer can't obtain address. isakmp policy 50 encryption 3des hash sha A...

I'm running into an odd thing here that I can't find any reference at all to in a search.  I am setting up anyconnect on an active/standby pair of ASA 5510 running 8.3(2).  Everything works great and I've got the MacOS package installed.  The odd thi...

bhorvitz by Beginner
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Hello,just bought several CISCO2921/K9 routers with the 15.4 M IOS; opened 2 of them and configured them with simple configuration with NAT, OSPF, and ssh the same way i have the first 5 routers that work fine.I am unable to see the routers from the ...

Rwhjr0760 by Beginner
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can someone give me a summary on how the vpn rekeying works? why would a connection drop and not rekey.. or which device initiates a rekey?i have two 5520 and when the rekey initiatees the connection drops and wont rekey unitil the connection is rese...

 Hi Everyone, I am trying to fix the IKE Aggressive mode with PSK vulnerabilities on our Cisco ASA which is running Old IPsec and Anyconnect Ikev2 VPN.When i run the command sh crypto isakmp saUser using IPSEC VPNIKEv1 SAs:   Active SA: 25    Rekey S...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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