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Proper QoS settings for AVC enabled WLC

Hello, I have got a little test network.Please, refer to the diagram.  I am wondering how would a proper QoS implementation look like. On the WLC AVC is turned on, marking protocol type X with DSCP 46 and Y with DSCP 36.Under the WLAN settings, AVC a...

web authentication on WLC 2504

Hi All, I do know that captive portal could be setup on cisco WLC 2504, such that internet users could login as follows:Username, password or  mobile number.And get the authorization code on mobile number. However I would like to know whether the abo...

Resolved! Using Management Interface as WLAN interface

Hello,I have 1 IP segment only and this segment need to use as management interface, for AP's IP address and also for WLAN user. I create an SSID and I use the management interface as the WLAN interface, rather than make a new dynamic interface. The ...

Arie -- by Beginner
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WAP4410N problem

have access point.works fine for a few minutes, then does not access the internet.  If i go to the wireless router for wireless connection and then revert to the access point it functions again for a few minutes, then no longer functions although it ...

Anchor to multiple Foreign

Hello guys, I have two DCs, they are separate buildings, each one has its own Foreign (8510) and Anchor (5508) controllers, they have HA peering controller, but DC1 and DC2 are not in the same mobility group. Currently Anchor on DC1 connects only to ...

Wireless site survey requirements

Dear allI need to execute Passive Site Surveys in order to get the wireless network design for different "only-wireless" offices. I have these requirements:5GHz as primary frequency band. 2.4GHz available for legacy devices.802.11ac Wave 120MHz (40MH...

cbarras by Beginner
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Browser compatability

Hi GuysI've had reports that devices with newer browsers are having difficulty connecting to the wireless.People can't connect to the wifi on windows and android devices, especially newer devices or newer browsers. Internet explorer seems be fine, bu...

mickyq by Beginner
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Wireless wlan mapping

At my main site,  WLAN CAFE is running and is associated with an interface group with 2 interfaces (vlan 10) & (vlan 11).I have a remote site coming up, with the same vlan 10 ( and vlan 11 ( Ca...

ammahend by Collaborator
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Which smartnet product do I need for priming 3702?

Ok so I've purchased 3702 + 2504 bundle (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/aironet-2700-series-access-point/brochure-c02-733838.html) but the lights flashing green - red - off and my clients cannot connect via 5ghz and cannot ...

blee by Beginner
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Wireless AP Query

HIwe do have 700 AP, previously we bought it with controller base AIR-CAP-702I-N-K9 then we upgrade it with autonomous IOS image, it has done successful but we can't found any web GUI access. pl do the needful on same. Regards,Darshin  

Resolved! WLC 5508 upgrade

Hi All, We currently have 4 x WLC 5500 (AIR-CT5508-K9) V01 and V02So two in  one datacenter and the other two in another datacenter. They are connected via Mobility group to and BOYD open wifi with an Anchor WLC the other 1.All four of them are 7.4.1...

Mohammed by Beginner
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