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Hi support, Has anybody deployed 3702e outdoors? I'm looking for Cisco dual-band antennas (omni and patch) but I don't find the best models as for patch one I need to pin point downwards but this way the coax cable is exposed to rain. Regards

JPavonM by VIP Collaborator
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Good day, I have around 15 Cisco 1231 autonomous wireless APs(Ios ver 12.3(2) JA) installed in the yard to serve wireless clients back to the wired network. It was working very good previously, but these days more clients are connected to one specifi...

Hello all, My client has two cisco Aironet 1131 access points and he wants to buy a wifi controller in order to control access specially for guest users. For this case, i suggested to buy the cisco 2500 series wifi controller (the model witch suppor...

Dear All,I do know that captive portal could be setup on cisco 5508, such that internet users could login as follows:Username, password , login duration  etc.however i would like to know whether the above configuration would work with just 5508 and M...

okoroji80 by Beginner
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When configuring the transmit power level for a 2702i, does the transmit power level on the CLI already take into account the internal antenna gain or should you take into account this when selecting thelevel?  i.e. If I want to transmit 2.4GHz at 2...

Hello,We've just bought new wlc model 8510 and I'm starting the configuration but there is things I don't understand regarding the licencing part. When I look at Management -> Software activation -> licence, I can see an ap_count 6000 evaluation lice...

theophile by Beginner
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Guy's, I have some old 4400's running, I get an error when trying to load the run-config file into WLCCA? Any thoughts, I have mailed the config files to  'wlc-conf-app-dev@cisco.com' Cheers, Jay Error:

Jay233 by Beginner
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I just purchased a used AP 1142N-A-K9 on home network and am hoping to be able to set it up on my home network to get better wifi coverage throughout my house.  I have limited knowledge with Cisco AP's and was hoping for some guidance. I was able to ...

I am about to upgrade one of our flex controllers from 7.4.110 to 8.0.120. With about 70 flex groups and redundancy between another location, what is the best scenario for doing this upgrade? Should I manually failover the AP's to the redundant contr...

Hi team, I would like difference between the probe request and association request sent from the STA, probe response and association response sent by AP. How di we do capture the differences in wireshark. Please help me on this. Thanks in advance, ...

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