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We succesfully installed Virtual Wireless Controller - on ESXi.An open question is, whether it is possible to utilize an existing10 GE ESXi trunk port without compromising security: this existing trunkis carrying more VLANs that the should ...

Dear Support I will deploy new WLC to Infrastructure and my network as follwoingISP Router-->Firewall-->Multi-layerSwitch-->Access Switch My Question is:-1-where is best place to Plug WLC to MLS or Access Switch or where?2-What's recommended to assig...

Toss Leey by Beginner
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Hi Experts, I have two WLC, one is 100 Base and the second is empty. I bought Licenses for 25 APs but by mistake I added on wrong WLC, I want to retake the license and reinstall it in my WLC 100Base. How can I do that? Thanks. Mohammad Saeed

hailhotel by Beginner
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Hai I am going to deploy two WLC 5508 one HA and for guest access.Network has two core switches 6500k.Wireless access points are on single site.Can anybody share experience which mode preferred,Flex connect or Local mode.All core in L3 ,with EIGRP,...

HelloI was just given a Cisco AP1131 access point.  Unfortunately we do not have the user name password or any info on this unit.I would like to bring it back to factory specs and learn how to set it up.Is there any way this can be achieved? ThanksMi...

mruscetti1 by Beginner
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I'm trying to get all the templates and Maps I've created in WCS into our new NCS. The instructions say just run the export.bat file on WCS and then Migrate into NCS. I cannot find any export.bat file on version of WCS. Is it only available...

chuckf by Beginner
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Hai one customer need redundant call manager,at present they have complete setup with BE6000 and licensing.They need one redundant BE6000 ,do i need to order complete license again for phones ,they need redundancy with call processing ,unity and co...

Hello community,I have my new configured vWLC with 8 APs up and running.I changed the name of the default wlan to "CiscoTesting" and set the PSK password. I didn`t change any other settings.The default settings are WPA2 no dhcp required. And many oth...

hi All, I have a scenario where my 2602E is not joining a controller in US. AP is in Netherlands.AP: AIR-CAP2602E-E-K9 Logs on WLC 5508: *spamApTask4: Jan 29 10:26:37.398: 18:9c:5d:9b:4d:00 Bridge AP can not join MultiCountry Controller: Bridge mode ...

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