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Hi  We created a new RSA cert but the users that are using the new certs cannot join to WLAN, but when they choose the old cert they are able to join to WLAN. We have a 5508 and we are using WPA2/AES 802.1X, we have on the LAN the Server RSA CA What ...

erickbaez by Level 1
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We just purchased 2 controllers 5508 and many CAP3702.  I'm searching the option where the AP can communicate directly each other instead using controller port but still be managed by the controller for coolest feature like clean-air....I follow the ...

atrepani by Level 1
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I'm configuring SNMP on my Flexconnect Access Points. I configure the SMNP settings on the AP cli, and all is working 100%. As soon as I reboot the AP, the SNMP Config is gone (the rest of the config is still there) It seems it is being override by t...

jacovr by Level 1
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Hi to everyone,I have problems to join an AP on the controller.  AP model is: AIR-AP1242G-E-K9 (They all are the same model, already 15APs on the controller)AP is reseted to factory default. DEBUG OUTPUT on AP*May 27 14:35:14.631: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Int...

Hello, need help for my AP 1142....all users using mobile always disconnecting please see logs 1Mar 1 02:57:50.139InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, Station 28cc.01c5.66ff Associated KEY_MGMT[NONE]2Mar 1 02:57:48.813InformationInterface Dot11Radio0, D...

Jackong by Level 1
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well I want to design a WLAN with 802.1x and EAP-TLS . We have a WLC 2500 , and bunch of Cisco AIR ,and Cisco ACS 5.4 as radius server.So we need a CA root. does WLC support built in CA ? what about ACS ?is it recommended to to configure WLC as CA se...

a.yazdani by Level 1
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HelloI am using WLC 4400 and its max client capacity is 50 APs. Now I have 45 LWAPs working under WLC. For some reason, in random basis, users r getting disconnected to the APs and reconnects after few seconds. APs I am using is AIR-AP1131AG-A-K9 Ser...

               It keeps saying %CAPWAP-5-DHCP_RENEW: Could not discover WLC using DHCP IP. Renewing DHCP IP. then nothing happens. I want to turn device defaults and i dont know how.                I'm using Hyperterminal to access my device. 

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