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Resolved! Apple bonjour service

After reading http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/wireless/ps4570/products_tech_note09186a0080bb1d7c.shtml#vlanselectand http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps10315/products_tech_note09186a0080b78900.shtmlI have an decent idea on how to do this. B...

Enable http/https access for Aironet 1041

Hello,I need to access to my new AP Aironet 1041 with my web browser but i didn't. I have an IP address that respond to ping.I think, i need to active http/https.How can i do to active this function ?Thank you                  

Does anyone know how to reduce CAS Elements

Our MSE is licensed for 1000 CAS Elements, but the "Unlicensed Count" is almost 5000.  Not sure where that number is coming from, since we do not even have that many PCs in the entire enterprise.Has anyone come across this before?         

tdennehy by Beginner
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ISE Provision with Hidden SSID

Hi AllI am using ISE to do the provisioning for IPhones/IPads, and able to push the profiles to them. My problem is that in the production the SSID is not broadcasting, and the devices won't automatically join the wireless. Does ISE has the option to...

parcvista by Beginner
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Resolved! DNS host name for virtual IP on WLC 5760?

Hi all,Does anybody of you know, if there is a way in setting a DNS hostname for the virtual IP on the 5760 WLC?The parameter-map does not offer any option.AireOS based WLCs do offer it in order to see a DNS name instead of the virtual IP when connec...

AP to WLC connectivity

Hello All,When ap's are providing multi-gig performance 802.11ad, connectivity between AP and WLC would be not just ethernet right.!!! What media type we are going to use and how about the POE requirement for AP in future..?

Resolved! AP losing connectivity to Controller

2602 AP loosing connectivity to 5508 running very well could be happening during higher traffic periods-AP has been moved to another port and even to another switch-AP was even replace with a new one-Apparently there are other APs on t...

Rob Johnson by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! AP 3700

Dear All,What is the minimum software version that is required on WLC 5508 to support this ac supported ap's...?And what new feature available over 3600 series..?Thanks in advance

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