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Previously had an ssid configure as follows;dot11 ssid MYSSID   vlan MYVLAN   authentication open    guest-mode!interface Dot11Radio0 ssid MYSSID !But I want to replace it with this;dot11 ssid MYSSID-NEW   vlan MYVLAN   authentication open    authent...

I had unplugged the controller to move it, when it was plugged back in and started it back up it comes up with the following output. Bootloader (Oct 24 2007 - 19:31:59)Motorola PowerPC ProcessorID=00000000 Rev. PVR=80200020        CPU: 833 M...

m.kieffer by Beginner
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Hello all, I've been facing a issue regarding a wireless coverage in a certain area.(printscreen on 27th march) As you can see, the top left corner AP isn't "heating" the map as other AP's do.Although i've been using covera to measure the signal near...

Hi Guys please have a look at the attached heatmap I have got two APs which are over utilized and the surrounding APs aren't connecting too many clients. Would you suggest the to relocate the surrounding APs around APs with 28 clients? if yes please ...

Trying to access a Cisco Prime 1.3 VA via CLI, but not having any luck.  Working with a customer who does not remember the original "admin" user created at setup.  I can access the root shell with the root user (have that user info :))I have also tri...

Has anyone configured the Wism-2 with an IDSM-2?In need to place the wireless users thru the IPS inlineHow would you configure the IDSM-2 to place the VLAN’s for the SSID’s of the WiSM-2 thru the IDSM-2 inline?What would be the best, inline VLAN pair...

Resolved! fcc id

HiI am ship the wireless controller 5508 out of country, but I need to fill the form with FCC ID. Do you know how and where to get the fcc id for the 5508? Thanks Ray

I am working on a plan to convert some of my existing 5508s to be HA pairs.  I like the redundancy i have now with multiple controllers, but don't necessarily like buying two licenses for every AP.  I am trying to determine the downside to the HA mod...

Hi Team,I have configured an autonomous AP with only default vlan1.  ssid is named guest and its broadcasted. Ap is powered from 1 2960 PoE switch.I am facing all the sites with below config very weak signal from the AP, kindly help to figure out wha...

Resolved! EDRRM AQ and AQI

Hi ;      Whats the difference between EDRRM AQ and AQI. If we are setting the  sensitivity on the EDRRM to high the value will be 60. Whats the value we are configuring the AQI in the clear air tab. is it only for traps. If i want to change the AP  ...

sreejith_r by Beginner
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