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Resolved! guest wlan

Almost there.Scenario:2504 wlcAps 1140Port 1 lan radius all okPort 2 defined for guest wlan directed attach no isp router dhcp1 utp cable on router acquire ip addressOn guest wlan no ip address is given i think i tried every combinationsAny help?Sent...

Web Authentication Redirection doesn't work

Hello,I'm facing a weird issue, I've one SSID for which all authentications are 100% correct, but now I need to use a new vlan with the same configuration, I did it, but the web page doesn't be displayed but when I entred the virtual interface I have...

salilai01 by Beginner
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Resolved! How to connect LAP to WLC across a VPN tunnel?

We are needing to put a LAP in a clinic that is on the far side of VPN tunnel. There is no way for the LAP to access the WLC to acquire it's configuration remotely AFAIK. Although we have a  couple spare routers (2610XM and 2811), they don't have the...

baskervi by Beginner
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Hi,I'm finding the OIDs to consult the following information to a WLC 2504:      - CPU utilizantion     - Memory utilization     - Clients associated for each AP.     - Clients associted total.     - Channel selected for each  AP.     - Power transmi...

Resolved! WLC 2500 and DHCP

                   I did a search but did not find answers to these questions.Here is my senario. I have a WLC 2500 and 14 APs. I want to have 3 WLANs for different types of traffic, each WLAN will be on a different VLAN and have its own SSID, authen...

Cant ping ap ip

Hello all,Today I came across a strange issue.I have a lightweight ap installed at a remote branch office.Flex connect and local switching has been enabled.The interesting thing is that there were two issues:A. The clients were disconnecting sporadic...

rahul nair by Beginner
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Resolved! wireless -web-auth problems

Hi,We have a setup where by we have internal WLC (cisco 5508) and a Guest WLC (cisco 4402) in the DMZ. The Gues SSID in internal wlc is anchrorded back to Guest WLC in DMZ (the guest dmz also serves as dhcp). We seem to have problems with this recent...

Resolved! 1142 AP 'Crashed Due To Software Failure'

I have an 1142 CAPWAP AP running IOS 12.4(25e)JA$ on a 2504 controller running 7.2.103 that's frequently reloading. NCS is reporting the reason for the reload as 'AP Crashed Due To Software Failure'. Other 1142 APs on the same controller aren't exper...

WLC on 2921 SRE

I have a wireless controller on sre 710 enigine. version 7.4.100.  when I try add a fourth controller  interface the gui will not work. Soon as I delete from CLI it comes back.There is nothing differnet from another interface only ip. Strange issue I...

miket by Contributor
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