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 Cisco Catalyst 9800-80 Wireless Controller version is 17.9.4a. I check compability matrix and no problem to registring ap. But ap logs Discarding msg CAPWAP_WTP_EVENT_REQUEST(type 9) in CAPWAP state: Join(5). and i check AP join statistics on C9800-...

pengus by Level 1
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Hi, I'm interested in how well clients would roam between Cisco Catalyst 9166 and 9120 access points (APs) deployed on the same floor. In my previous experience, Cisco 2802 and 2702 APs didn't provide seamless roaming. We're planning to replace the 2...

Moudar by VIP
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Hi all;Consider the following scenario: After clicking on the Generate button, nothing is displayed on the right of the form (the content of the CSR). I have tested this situation with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome...Any ideas?Thanks  


你好 我初次接触9800L的系统,不太了解  和5520的外部身份认证配置有什么区别?https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/catalyst-9800-series-wireless-controllers/217457-configure-and-troubleshoot-external-web.html#anc17我目前是按照这一份来配置的,但是有一步卡住了,因为对接的第三方portal服务器从设备的重定向页获取账号密码,以...

I am testing out DNA Center's rogue on wire capabilities.  I am able to detect a test rogue AP that connected to a lab switch.  The lab switch is in DNAC.  It shows as a Potential Threat and Interferer.  However, it doesn't classify as on wire even t...

DNAC 1.png DNAC 2.png SWITCH.png
bojarskic by Level 1
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Hi folks,While troubleshooting an issue I noticed that the WLC 9800 CLI's log time does not match the GUI time or the time displayed when I run a show clock command.Is there a way to sync up the log time with the configured time? Thank you,-Travis R.

t3rebello by Level 1
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Hello, everyone, I have this error when trying to associate a new C9120AXI AP with the controller. Today there are 12 APs in perfect working order but they are from another store. Follow the log ------------------ show version wlc------------------ C...

hi,the mgmtuser username password defined in my AP join policy show in clear text and cannot be encrypted.when i exe the command,mgmtuser username admin password 8 mypass123 secret 8 mysecret123always get error %password encryption failed: possible m...

I got a couple of C9130AXI-B Access Points to build a small Wi-Fi network (2-3 Cisco APs). I thought it has the Embedded Wireless Controller as stated in the Data sheet for the 9130AX series or did I get the wrong part number and I should have bought...

ybp2000 by Level 1
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