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Hello!I monitoring my Cisco WLC 5508 ( with PRTG system via SNMP.I want to mark all of AP sensors with its name from WLC.And the question is: сan the WLC change the AP_SNMP_INDEX (after some situations)? For eхample:First SNMP walk for 3 AP...

Palindrom by Level 1
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Hi all,We are using 9800 series WLC and have 200 + Access points.We need to know the total usage and applications used by each client. Is there any method to take this report over WLC?

gija by Level 1
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Hi Support team, I have a requirement to replace current 5508 WLC HA cluster to 9800 WLC at customer DC. The access points are distributed in different countries and centrally managed from the DC WLC. As far as I know the APs will start upgrading as ...

Hello,We have on our network 2 different wlans. One is called "work" and the other is called "guest". Both have different interfaces connected to them. I can login to "work" and have a different ip address as that of "guest", so far so good. What i w...

Ramon1980 by Level 1
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Hi, I have a 9120x that I have turned into an EWC to test the feature. Running 17.2.1a (atm, to get an old 3802i ap to join later) (tested with 17.6.4 as well) I have atm 2 SSID, 1 running on 2.4GHz for IOT devices and one with dual band. I have been...

Hi there,We have approx 15/20 AP AP1832I-E-K9C, I understand running mobility express and using one of the AP as AP controller.We are changing many components in the network and to make a fresh start we would like toreset all of them.1) Can we do it ...

Hello to all,We have 2 WLC 5508 controllers in active/passive mode and we notice a lot of data is sent by the controller to the AP on the management interface.For about 300 APs we see 800Mb/s of traffic out of the controller.Version: 380...

5Ghz Clients are connecting to faraway AP even if they sit under the same model another 2700i AP. Both AP's are autonomous. Attached configuration files from both AP's. Also need the debug command which will work on autonomous AP.

Hello,I have to set up a radio link between two buildings of a school. I have got an AP 1532 and an AP 1562. Can I set up a radio link with them? They are compatible? Can I use 1532 as root and 1562 as mesh?Thank you 

Aleck_Sei by Level 1
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