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Which wireless solution can help?

I need to provide wireless Internet accesss to many customers that already have Cisco 340 series client adapters installed on there systems. Some of these customers are 20-30KM aways. Can 340 Series base station do this job.

Access to Netware resources when using Cisco ACS

Is anyone using Cisco ACS in a mixed NT/Netware environment? I can authenticate using the NT database, but am unable to obtain access to Novell Resources. I can log into my NT account and get access to NT resources, but am unable to see Novell Resour...

tcmob by Beginner
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Cabling Issue

We were using UC4800 universal clients connected to P.C.'s and printer via straight thru ethernet cables to attach to the network(AP4800E). Because Cisco no longer manufacures the UC4800E we purchased the Air-WGB350. It appears that we now have to ...

rx33328 by Beginner
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WMUX wireless gear

We are looking at a point to point RF link over Western Multiplex Tsunami (45M) Ethernet bridges. Has anyone deployed this gear before? This is 5.8G license exempt shot.

abrahamj by Beginner
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WLAN and fast movement

Hello!Is it possible to establish and maintain a WLAN connection when moving fast? For example:Nearing an access point with a car (approx. 60 KPH), establish the connection, transmit data and dropping the connection when out of reach.Thanks for any i...

rfalk by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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WGB350 Almost There

I saw another post where a Workgroup Bridge 350 was able to connect to another Mfr's AP. I am trying to get WGB350 to work with an ISP's Lucent AP.The radio is communicating; I can ping the WGB from the outside thru the ISP. I can also ping the WGB...

praflik by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Communication Between 2 Workgroup Bridges

Can a 340 or 350 workgroup bridge talk with another 340 or 350 workgroup bridge? If not, will a 340 series "multifunction bridge" communicate with either workgroup bridge, or do you need an AP to communicate with them?

mswedberg by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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802.3af (inline power) question

Gartner Group came out with a bulletin saying:"All access points/IP phones are obsolete due to a fundamental change in the proposed 802.3af spec as of Nov 2001"I can't find any more info as to why. Anybody have some feedback?

Status of Base Station

There is confusing information regarding the 340 Base Station (AIR-BSE342) on CCO.1) Has this unit been declared End-of-Life?2) Is there a 350 replacement?

cyee by Beginner
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New to networking

I am looking for some info on which way to go in the job arena. I have several 2-year degrees in electronics and 20 years of work experience. Eight years with a local cable company as an installer/ service tech, six years with Sabreliner co. as an av...

hitech by Beginner
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LEAP and none LEAP devices

We have a customer with a large AP350 network that has LEAP enabled and won't permit none LEAP clients. The problem is that they also want to use Spectralink Netlink phones. These phones (as far as I know) have no such capability and require the AP t...

mamoss by Participant
  • 3 replies
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Is LEAP that secure??

I am currently testing LEAP with an AP350 and Funk's Stealbelt RADIUS server. When I first looked at LEAP it looked like a pretty secure solution. But then I noticed that I could authenticate with LEAP when the client had no shared WEP key. I have a ...

daveman by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Wireless in harsh mfg. enviroment

I am researching and testing Cisco Aironet 350 equipment in a manufacturing plant. We make metal parts for large buildings (Walmarts, warehouses, etc.). We have lots of LARGE equipment that bends and cuts metal pieces. Also, we have several overhe...

jwsmock by Beginner
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