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I don't understand the "deny" and "permit" action in URL configuration. For example, I configured "permit  *.google.* for pre-auth",  what happen for this URL ACL? , it will let me pass when I visit http://www.google.com even though i have not pass w...

yaoszhan by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! HA WLC 2504

Hi, I have  WLC 2504 with 2 SSID and about 12 APs connected.Now i have been tasked to add a second WLC 2504 as backup.I have never done this in the past and even the first WLC  was done with the help from someone here.I have tried to match the second...

Tazio4436 by Level 1
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Hi, i recently got a wireless Cisco router AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9 that when launched has its IOS set as hostname instead of router and i cant enter global configuration mode. Like its disabled. Wondering what could be the problem here.  RegardsMartin

Screenshot from 2020-09-02 14-34-23.png

Hi All,   I recently bought an AC (air conditioner. Not the WiFi 802.11 standard) which which can be connected the wifi and controlled using the provided app.   The problem is I will not connect to WiFi. Then I used my phone hotspot as a router and i...

hirani89 by Level 1
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Dear All,    I have  AP's on the same subnet of the controller, however the AP is not able to join the controller although it is pingable from the WLC  and and it gets its IP from DHCP properly, I have the following logs, please help! spamApTask2: Se...

Hello Cisco WLAN experts, this big hospital has invested already in additional Cisco-WLAN-APs which shall be placed in addition to existing WLAN APsto offer a powerful and redundant "Medical Grade WLAN" to our patients and clinical personnel.We would...

Dear all, Please, need your advice about this,my user ask me to change the wlc configuration to 5 ghz only with n/ac only.they said their end-points (smartphone and notebook) are support with n/ac and 5 ghz.what the impact if we deploy this configure...

alams by Level 1
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I have configured my LAP 2700 with Flexconnect. Control part is working fine, but i would like to route my Data traffic via WLC. Is it possible? Can we still force it to go via WLC?I know it defeats the purpose of flexconnect, but that's my requireme...

Hey all, I am currently testing iPSK for devices and so far it has worked fine until I tried to do an 8821 Cisco wireless phone. This connects, ISE shows it allowed, and it reconnects over and over and over. 700 times and counting. I've tested with a...

Hello we have a wireless network with C9800-CL and access points 9115ax. AuthC and authZ is made by ISE with EAP-TLS. Every device is working fine, except iPhone11 Pro. It connect to the WLAN smoothly. However, if we left the office and then return, ...

mnkojima by Level 1
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