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Hello,we have WLC 3504 ios + set of AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9From time to time, clients experience problems connecting to a wireless network. Two identical twin laptops can be a meter away from the access point and on one there will be everything O...

slyfox by Beginner
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Hello,I got WLC 5520 and around 1000 APs connected to it in local mode. VLAN 1021 - AP ManagementVLAN 100 - Guest Internet AccessVLAN 200 - Telephones On all switches I have added VLAN100, VLAN1021, and VLAN200.Ports where I got AP-s are access 1021....

Does an AP draw more power when wireless clients are connected to its radios or it doesn't affect the power draw? Like will the AP consume more power when clients are connected to it?

TH09 by Beginner
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Hi, I recently got a CISCO AP1852i (running Mobility Express and I'm struggling to set up a working wlan (meaning with internet connection).I believe most of my issues come from the fact it's not a standalone AP but rather a hybrid device ...

lv426 by Beginner
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GreetingsWe're developing a TAG and have a few questions regarding your solution for locating devices.1st. We understand that the infrastructure requirements include Aironet 4800 Access Point (hardware), Cisco DNA Spaces (the software), Cisco Connect...

aa.cc by Beginner
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I am in the middle of replacing our fleet of trucks with the IR 829's. So far all is well, and there is one piece of functionality we want to implement before going production. Currently truck wifi users only connect to the 2.4G radio and that work...

sburton011 by Beginner
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I am using wireless AP 2700 with wireless controller 5508. it operation normally for several months. after that 2 AP show status failed under Interference Profile. Then all client cannot connect to their wireless network.What cause this problem? How ...

_Ratha_ by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hi AllI'm struggeling with a AP issue. I have attach my anonymized config. In short the issue is that I have a Arionet AP with VLANs setup into multiple SSIDs. The main net is VLAN 1 where the radius server receives authentication requests. I have te...

ts01 by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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Greetings all,  I have WLC 2106 8x ports with POE (2x ports only) and AP1142, both are US domain, and the AP is not joining although I can see on the loges (both nodes) hence, there is communication between them and from the AP I see the following lo...

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