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Will configuring WLC 2504 EtherChannel clear traffic?WIFI is slow these days.I heard WLC 2504 has a throughput of 1G.Can I say that configuring EtherChannel can relieve traffic?

Questions by Level 1
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Good day every one,My CCNA-RS will expire soon, and I will like develop my carrier on wireless, what should be the next exams appropriate to write? 

Ameh by Level 1
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So have anyone tried to License a CMX Virtual Appliance through a EA Agreement ?And what did they do to get the license ? The trouble is that it (The EA page) asks for a UDI of the CMX appliance. But all Virtual Appliances have the same UDI: MSE Virt...

We have a pair of 5520's in DC1 in HA SSO and licensed for 500 APs.   We want to establish fail over to DC-2 for the 500 AP's.  Can we purchase a 2nd 5520 with no licenses for an N+1 fail over or do we need 500 licenses on the N+1 5520 controller?  T...

b.tyler by Level 1
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Hi All As far as I can see, WPA3 is not (yet) supported on the Wave 1 AP platform.  Does anybody know if that is on the roadmap or will that not be supported by the W1 platform at all?   I'm also very interested in the "Enhanced Open" feature for our...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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Hi All, We have a Cisco AP AIR-AP2802(18.5) typical flexconnect setup which connected on managed switch which have a BPDU guard enabled and the issue is that recently we can see that the AP send BPDU causing the interface to get disabled which result...

I would like to use filter on the SSID Name on my ISE policies on 9800 WLC.  I see in the ISE live logs that there is a AV-Pair sent called cisco-wlan-ssid.  I do not see that as a dictionary object that I can write a condition for.  What is the VSA ...

dcarrion by Level 1
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I've got 7 AIR-AP1852I-B-K9 access-points with one acting as the WLC and the others as CAPWAPS.  They are running Mobility Express version There are three WLANs and on occasion users will get booted from any one of them and are unable to l...

davem1 by Level 1
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