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No access with CAP702I

I have a 1852i running Mobility Express, and I just bought a CAP702I to join the Mobility Express.The 702i boot normally, the led show green, and it will show up in the Mobility Express Web page.And I can recover the ssid that 702i broadcast, but I c...

peter809 by Beginner
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1832i APs not broadcasting AirProvision SSID

We have a customer that has 3 APs that we are trying to set up in a mobility express environment.  I set up another of these for them last week, on a different site/subnet, everything went smooth.These APs are running older code, and will not broadca...

Ninjabean by Beginner
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Resolved! Management access for 1832i

Can we use Web GUI and SSH for manage  the AP ? As far as i know it can be done, but couldn't find any documentation. Any documentation regarding the manage AP

prashanma by Beginner
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APs configured with 40mhz changing to 20mhz

Hello, I noticed some strange behavior yesterday on our 5520 controllers running version 8.5.135 and was wondering if this was 'working as designed' or rather a bug.While troubleshooting a coverage issue, I noticed a lot of our APs were using a chann...

MathieuVHM by Beginner
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Wireles RF profile set to "none"?

Hi. Can someone explain, what does the RF profile "none" mean and what happens when you set the RF profile of an AP group to none?I'm logged into a controller where the AP group has RF profile set to none but the APs part of that group are still broa...

Bavarian by Beginner
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AP Aironet1830 is not detected on wlc 3504 via vlan

I just configured wlc 3504 on the side of vlan10, and I have several different AP1830 vlans that will be controlled by wlc. but when I connect AP1830 with the interface vlan in each manage switch, unfortunately WLC does not detect any AP joining.for ...

Reedho by Beginner
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3504 WLC

Hi,  I have ordered two  3504 WLC to configure in HA. I know the least supported IOS on 3504 is 8.5. 1.  Can someone help me with the full code that the 3504 WLC comes with? 2. Also what is the recommended IOS by cisco for 3504 WLC which has a fix fo...

Spectrum Expert 'WCS Unavailable'

trying to add Spectrum in Prime 3.0 got me the following error:Error:Though the target host is reachable, the Spectrum Expert doesn't appear to be running on the host. Please confirm that 1) It is running, 2) It is configured to send interference mea...

Internet and Wifi Network Design

Dears, we need help in Desigining and Required Devices for Wifi Solution for Hotel. Requirement For hotel wifi Solution  - Considering  Access point per each apartment (105 apartments) total of 110 AP, and customer have 3 internet lines (200mb DSL mo...

AP manager - subnet question

Hi,   Our WLC is configure in LAG mode, this means I can only configure one AP manager. The problem is, I have over 255 APs so the only way I can deal with this is if I use a /23 on the interface that the AP manager is configured on.   Please can you...

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