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Hello, I have no experience with Cisco wireless products and  I have a single Cisco AIR-AP1850 and want to configured as standalone but this message didn't allows me to do anything (CAPWAP State: Discovery).Someone suggested that I need to upgrade th...

I have a 2504 with software v 8.0 , yes I will upgrade to 8.5.  2 questions1. is there a way view bandwidth on this device, I cannot find any reports2. is the dashboard customize able , I read that 8.1 could add widgets and I do not see that in 8.0

Wilnel by Beginner
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Hello,   Was facing an issue recently on CMX, all custom portals are assigned to the intended location. However, out of sudden all sites portal go back to default portal and none are loading those custom portal. Anyone face this issue before? 

Our 5508 WLC has the software version Clients are getting IPs from our Windows Active Directory (AD) dhcp server. It would be nice that the controller's management console can show me the client's host name so I can tell which device gets ...

RabbitSF by Beginner
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Hi,   Is anyone able to assist re the exact SKU for the rear brace / bracket for the 3504 rack mount tray?   The installation guide has information, but I'm having trouble translating this into a usable SKU to order.   Any assistance would be appreci...

ITCOMMS by Beginner
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We have a customer landing page created in PHP with apache server which can be accessed directly via the ip address from any device.If I redirect the customer via WLC on layer3 and make the webauth to external url, the device is keep refreshing and d...

Hi All,I am facing issue with some 3600 APs. These aps are not joining WLC. We have total 137 APs. out of which 97 are registered but rest of them are not getting registered and I am keep getting message on AP console %CDP_PD-2-POWER_LOW: All radios ...

jain.nitin by Participant
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I am looking to use the AP templates to apply WLAN override on some of my AP's. Is there a way to run a report to verify where the template/wlan override is applied. Also after you apply a template how do you unapply the template?

jcosgrove by Beginner
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