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Hello All,We have Cisco 9800 Guest users getting disconnected post portal authentication. Not all users few of users. Setup:Foreign 9800-L --> Anchor WLC 9800-LGuest SSID --> Open Layer 2 Security, Layer 3 Web-Auth External URL redirection(Aruba Clea...

Hello everyone!We have configired a virtual WLC with demo license for 200 AP (60 days)Our 2602 AP has joined the controller but it is not broadcasting SSIDs even though the WLAN status is enabled and Broadcast SSID is checkedANy suggestions?

fgasimzade by Level 4
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Hi everyone,My user currently RUN state. I capture radioactive trace, user send 2 arp packets to default gateway. One is destination MAC address ffff.ffff.ffff but other one's mac address unicast cisco MAC address (probabbly gateway's mac address). W...

pengus by Level 1
  • 12 replies
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Hi,I am facing an issue on DNAC. I have the need to migrate an SSID from our old controller to the new C9800. This SSID is anchored to an old WLC which is not managed by me.Within DNAC I can only add a mobility peer if it is managed by DNAC (its a dr...

Ezequ!el by Level 1
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Hi, Has anyone encountered this issue on AP 1832i ? software version   [*xx/xx/2022 13:52:36.3937] waiting for sending msg to wcp/radio1.set_radio_mode - 4 [*xx/xx/2022 13:52:36.3937]  [*xx/xx/2022 13:52:36.3931] waiting for sending msg t...

SPKV by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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After an upgrading our standby 9800 to 17.9.4a our DNAC integration appears happy, but when we provision from the UI we get the above warning.  I haven't kicked any APs over to the standby pair yet to verify, but has anyone else seen this actually re...

t-roy by Level 1
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Hello Dear Expert I have an issue after the last upgrade of the WLC I have 8 access point cisco that brodcast different SSID : corporate, Guest and public my problem is with the SSID corporate where I have bad BW , the line  is a 300 mbps and when I ...

HARA-123 by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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Hello gyus, Can anyone clarify if there is possible clean/wipe the client/visitor data information of the register Portal from CMX (version 10.3)?The end device register on the CMX portal using your name, e-mail and personal identification for exempl...

Hy I am searching for a solution to place Accesspoints on maps in DNA Center. Is there a possibility to configure the "siteHierarchyGraphId" value to a newly provisioned AP? In the course of an hardware lifecylce it would save an big amount of time. ...

Hi guys,I am running deployment with 84 APs on 5520 WLC (8.10 AireOS), with 20 APs being C9120AXI and supporting BSS  coloring feature and the rest being older 2702i model.I am wondering what can be impact of enabling BSS color feature.It's a 7th flo...

milos_p by Level 1
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