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I am wanting to deploy a 2504 with 8 AP's that can support three IP networks simultaneously,, and (Guest Network).  I understand this is supported, but haven't really seen any examples of how to accomplish this.  A...

sam by Level 1
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Resolved! WGB Funcionality

Hello I need to achieve connectivity with wireless infrastructure for Ethernet-enabled devices. WGB is not an option, now it is supported only in outdoor AP.   Is there another feature which provide wireless to wired with cisco equipment?   Thanks in...

Hi every one  i have WLC 2504 with many AP , am anetwork admin so i need to analyze data some times . i usually used Wire-shark with LAN network , my query here , how i can do that in my Air network ? can i using Wire-shark to? and is there { monitor...

Murad* by Level 1
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I have a Cisco 5520 running 8.2.x code for Cisco 3700i access points located in retail locations across the US.  These location can range from large shopping malls, strip malls, to stand-alone locations.  Most of these retail locations because of siz...

DAVID by Level 3
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New WLCCA version 4.3.7 is available Fixes Exception while Parsing on clean air devices due to missing spaceException if power level=0Incorect handling of options for site summary (more than one WLC loaded)Last radio mac conversion to zero for AP-COS...

Resolved! Cisco 1532

As per Cisco 1532 product documentation, it is listed as N-Type connector, but i am trying to understand whether it is N-Type male or female connector, so that I can procure correct antennas to connect with 1532 radios, please let me know if anyone h...

I have configured mobile anchroning, my thin ap is registered with WLC1, now I want to register this ap to WLC 2, if I shutdown WLC1, does it auto registered with wlc 2, or should i manually register ap in wlc 2?

Mary by Level 1
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I'm with a non-profit organization, I took on the task of revamping this network. Networking is not my strongest skills, but figured I could do it. Currently there's a modem connecting to the wireless router (transmits 2.4/5ghz). There's also a secon...

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