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I have two applications: A has opened line 1, B is monitoring line 1. If there is an incoming call on line 1, A will accept, than answers it. In case A crashes, can B take over the call, meaning continue somehow the conversation?

I am trying to start a silent monitoring with jtapi: call2.startMonitor(provider.getTerminal(supervisorMAC),// monitor phone provider.getAddress(supervisorDN),//monitor DN tc,//monitor target TerminalConnection CiscoCall.SILENT_MONITOR, CiscoCall.PLA...

Resolved! E1 r2 hookflash

Hi I am having some trouble with the following scenario:I have a voice Gateway connected to PSTN and to a third party IVR, this third party ivr is connected to the cisco voice gateway trough a e1 r2 digital... The problem I am facing is that when a c...

Hi,I'm having this problem that lineGetDevCaps returns random values in dwNeededSize (e.g. 0, ~2MB, ~4MB etc.). I'm using version "10.5".Here's what I'm doing:DWORD size = sizeof(LINEDEVCAPS);while (true){     if (_deviceCapabilities != 0)          d...

Dear fellows,I am working on UCCE Admin APIs. Actually I am stuck with  API requests and I need some help. When I send request to an API such as http://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/skillgroup?summary=true using Firefox POSTER or a Java Web Service c...

Hi,I am getting:CALL_ERROR; http://HTTP-SERVER/quickstart/   at line 13: Element <block> is not used according to DTDMy VXML Code:?xml version="1.0"?>  <vxml version="2.0">    <var name="counter" expr="0"/>    <var name="number" expr="'.'"/>    <var ...