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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2023

Hilda Arteaga
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Congratulations on your well-deserved success, welcome to Cisco’s VIP Class of 2023!



We're thrilled to announce the 2023 Cisco Designated VIP Class of Cisco Community. This year we have 60 VIPs -yes, we keep breaking record- with 11 new awardees. And for the second year in a row, we have 3 ladies in the same class. Thanks, VIPs, for helping for building this community, for your contributions, and for helping tons around the world, we wish you even more success in future.  

The  Cisco Designated VIP  program recognizes the top external individual contributors in Cisco's online communities, including Cisco Community, and Cisco Learning (CLN).

Cisco Designated VIPs are recognized by their peers for their expertise, tireless contributions, and their abundant participation that is vital to community success. With this program, Cisco formally recognizes the positive, valuable influence that our top individual members exert on the communities overall. 

Along with the 2023 class, we extend our warmest congratulations to these technology industry leaders!

Special acknowledgment goes to Jonathan Schulenberg, Leo Laohoo, Richard Burts, and Scott Fella for being a Cisco Designated VIP for 13th time (since the inception of the program). Additionally, Jon Marshall and Reza Sharifi are VIPs for the 12th time. THANK YOU, you’re an inspiration!

For over a decade this program continues rocking and recognizing those who share their time and knowledge to help thousands around the globe. Thank you to all the 2022 Cisco Designated VIPs for all their contributions this past year. Regardless of the VIP status, we appreciate all your contributions. Since you are the soul of the community, we are in your debt. This community continues to thrive thanks to your knowledge sharing. 

-  Cisco Community Team


Cisco Community VIPs

This distinction is only given to a select group of Cisco customers, partners and guest community members, based on many factors in the  program. We are deeply grateful of the extensive community involvement of these highly respected technology experts. You can view their profiles and “follow” their posts to grow your knowledge.

Network Access Control
Network Access
Control, Wireless
Network Security, Network Access Control
Network Access Control
Contact Center
Collaboration, Telepresence
and Video Infrastructure
Networking, Chinese
Wireless, Switching, Chinese
Network Access Control
Wireless, Spanish
Contact Center
Routing, Switching, Network Management
Unified Communications,
Contact Center, Networking
Networking, Wireless
Switching, Security, Japanese
Networking Management, Routing, Switching
Giuseppe Larosa Support Forums Hall of Fame
Routing, Switching
Hare Ram Balaji Bandi
Networking, Routing, Security
Haydn Andrews
Spanish, Routing, IP Telephony
Routing, Switching
Webex, IP Telephony
Routing, Switching
Routing & Switching, Security, Spanish
Network Security, Networking
Email Security, Web Security
Leo Laohoo Support Forums Hall of Fame
Switching, Routing, Wireless

Routing & Switching, Spanish

Networking, Wireless, Switching
Network Security, Portuguese
IP Telephony, Unified Communications
Network Security
Marvin Rhoads Support Forums Hall of Fame
Network Security, VPN

Mohamed Arshad

Network Security, IP Telephony & Phones
Collaboration, IP Telephony
Routing, Switching
Collaboration, Security,
Reza Sharifi Support Forums Hall of Fame
Richard Burts Support Forums Hall of Fame
Routing, Switching
Network Security, VPN
Unified Communications, IP Telephony
Scott Fella Support Forums Hall of FameWireless
ACI, Data Center
VPN, Network Security
Tomy Tim Arquinigo N
Networking, Data Center, Portuguese
Tony Smith
Collaboration, Webex Calling



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I agree Leo!  Thanks for recognizing the team.  They care and their efforts show that!



@Hilda Arteaga The email sent to all Cisco VIP for this year has old link to book cisco live for this year.
some of us (mostly me) want to go Cisco Live Europe on Feb 06. And wanted to use the Cisco Live Pass earned from Cisco VIP. but the link in the email give us option to Join Cisco Live EMEAR and AMERICAS as virtual. I think there is an error. where as for Melbourne there is no option for Virtual event.

I also noted the link as same for cisco live in email for this year and the last year.

Could you please confirm if we get Cisco Live ticket for Europe 06 Feb for pass as VIP2023 members?

please do not forget to rate.

Hi Sheraz, it seems there is an issue with the smartsheet that gathers the data. I have already updated it, but it's taking some time to the system to refresh. In the mean time, I'm contacting you via direct mess ague so we can review this 

@Hilda Arteaga  This is what I thought you that there must be an issue. so thought to let you know on this. Thank you very much for the confirmation.

please do not forget to rate.

Whoa, what a surprise! Congratulations to all VIP class of 2023 members.

Rps-Cheers | If it solves your problem, please mark as answer. Thanks !

Javier Acuña

Para mi es un privilegio contar con este galardón, continuaremos contribuyendo de manera positiva.

Gracias @Hilda Arteaga por el apoyo y seguimiento.


Yanli Sun
Community Manager
Community Manager

First of all, big congratulations to all the VIP winners! 

Really excited to see the Chinese Community VIP winners @Rps-Cheers (Changjiang Li), @ilay (Chunlin Geng) in the list!

Hearty congratulations to you both, appreciate your continuous sharing and contributions in the past years. Well deserved!


I am so excited to be party of this amazing community! Congratulations for all the returning and new VIPs!

Is any VIP here going Cisco Live 2023 Europe Amsterdam?


please do not forget to rate.

Level 1
Level 1

Congratulation to all of you!!!

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Congratulations to everyone ! The amount of time and dedication you all give is no small feat. Taking the time to help and teach is forever appreciated. Thanks for all you do !


Thank you for the recognition on this and congratulations to all of you in the list.

Eri Mizuno
Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulation to all of 2023 VIPs and appreciate for incredible contributions! @cja56910tf  I'm so excited to see your name here as the first JP awardee! I am not only person to feel like that, please visit Japanese Community's blog to see all celebration comments to you! 
Many thanks to @Taisuke Nakamura , @ymihoich , @shotanak for the messages and to those who have given Kudos to him!

Level 1
Level 1


Level 1
Level 1

Congratulation to all. 

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