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Multiple Cluster CER

I have been looking through the design guides, and I can't find the answer to what seems like should be a simple question. I am doing my first multiple cluster CER deployment, and it appears that only the database master should have an actual "911" r...

Jabber Contact search Multiple forest (Cross Forest User Lookup LDAP Query)

Hi forum,In a Multiple forest enviroment per documentation Cisco offers ADAM/LDS solution.With ADAM /LDS we can perform a full LDAP integration:LDAP syncLDAP authenticationLDAP contact searchWe dont have the resources to implement this ADAM/LDS solut...

Jabber and IPv6

Hi Everyone Currently we are using Microsoft direct access which is IPv6 and right now our Jabber clients don't work with it. I found out that Jabber version 11.7.1 and up supports IPv6, so I wanted to know what do I have to do on my network in order...