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Resolved! DND call reject not working on Jabber for Tablet

Hello,   When setting the status to Do Not Disturb on Jabber for iPhone, calls are not ringing on this device and that's what we're expecting.   With the same setting on Jabber for iPad, calls still ringing despite DND Option is set to Call Reject an...

Jabber 11(.8.4) replaced text with emoticons, even if that text was a TLD like XDP, and copy & paste looses that text

I'm sure this is still prevalent in all version, but two gripes I have about current Jabber behavior:   1) some two-character emoticons should only become an icon when it's only those two characters, not being followed by more alphabetic or numeric c...

oLeimann by Beginner
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Screen Sharing Issues

We use cisco jabber in our environment and multiple users (probably all but I haven't confirmed) are have issues with screen sharing. The first time you try to share your screen with someone, it doesn't work. The recipient sees the request but after ...

ldemarco by Beginner
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CWMS call me

Hi.. I have deployed CWMS 2.8 and integrated with CUCM, everything is working except call me feature, i have setup route pattern \+! also on CUCM for call me but still it is not working, when i check traces it shows like below.. - C...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Korean Font In Spark App

Spark team,Currently, readability of the Korean font on the Spark desktop app is not so good.  Basic font for Korean characters in MS office is “Malgun gothic, 10 size”, so I think it would be a good basic font for Spark as well. It looks web font is...

Phi Yim by Cisco Employee
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