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CVP doc wikipedia style!

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Created by: JP Beaudry on 21-10-2009 03:01:10 PM
Did you know that Cisco has begun to move product technical documentation the wikipedia-style website CVP is dipping its toes by first posting the 7.0.2 Troubleshooting Guide. But how does that impact you?

First, if you see an obvious error in the document, you can fix it yourself! No more filing documentation defects and waiting forever to see them addressed.

Second, we'll be better able to cross-reference various resources than our current mechanism allows. And it should be faster to boot, since no special browser plug-in is required.

Third, we're hoping that the CVP user community will contribute back their own favorite, fastest, most effective troubleshooting tips. We know that you can get really creative and we want to see your handy work. Don't worry, our tech editors will be looking over your contributions to make sure they land in the optimal place and are otherwise generally PC.

Hope you find it useful. Give it a spin and let us know what you think.
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