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We recently installed the Nexus 1000V in our lab ESX cluster.  I'm trying to export netflow data to our collector, but I get errors when I try to add a flow monitor to a port profile or individual interface.  Here's the error we get:ASB-UPG-VSM01(con...

WFEARLS by Beginner
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Happy 4th everyonePlease help me out to understand the no connectivity issue i am experiencing for one of the VMs "V1"please see attached text config fileinterface Vethernet7  inherit port-profile data_vlan172  description V1, Network Adapter 1  vmwa...

mhasabal by Beginner
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Hi all,I got a problem when I install nexus1kv on my esx host. The vsm is successfully connected to the vc, and the status is:acl-nexus(config)# show svs connectionsconnection vc:    ip address:    remote port: 80    protocol: vmware-vim ...

Hi We are evaluating the NEXUS 1k as we would like to use LACP on the uplinks to our  VM-ware hosts. I'm able to configure LACP to the VEM that is on the same host as the VSM. Enabling it on another host with only VEM will bring the interfaces  to...

bergroth71 by Beginner
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