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When upgrading from 8.6.2a to 8.6.2SU3 , Phones starting to restart every 30 minutes

Hello AllI wanted to share an interesting incident appeared when upgrading a CUCM Cluster ( Mega size one ) from 8.6.2(a) to 8.6.2aSU3 edition. After Fully successful upgrade with full services up and running and with full successful DB Replication ,...

Cisco 8831 Amplifier?

Hello all, I have an office that is using the 8831 conference phone in a very large conference room and they are looking for a way to amplify the sound in the room.  Does anyone here on the forum know of a way to possibly connect additional speakers...

Cisco RTMT Log

Hi This message appears one a week on my system  Number of registered Media Devices decreased between consecutive polls. Current monitored precanned object has decreased by 4 The alert is generated on Tue Feb 16 14:52:44 EST 2016 on cluster StandAl...

d.kepmegni by Beginner
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Difference or when do I need User-, Comind Network Local or Phone only local ?

Hello Support community. We got some new locations in Poland, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Russia. Now the user request to change from English language to their local language. Because of this I search in Cisco Web for more information how to update la...

Resolved! FXO/FXS port status connected or not

Hi all, I registered my MGCP gateway ISR 2911 and its interfaces E1/FXO/FXS on CUCM BE6k 10.5, however I could not know which of these FXO/FXS ports are connected physically or not. On CUCM all are shown as registered and on ISR their status as belo...

nso20 by Beginner
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Resolved! CUCM 8.5.1 is not sending SDP in SIP invite -- No SBC configured in between.

Hi All, Actually we are not using anSBC and  we are working on get a couple of those to handle our ITSP links. However, we have been providing VoIP services to our remote offices using a couple of SIP trunks configured in the CUCM and both have check...

juliancas by Beginner
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