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Hi,i have one question regarding SRST interoperability with other vendors equipment. In our network, cisco 881 SRST routers are used to connect small branch offices to central site. However, whole network uses Astra platform for VoIP. My question is ...

Hi eveyone,i have configured CUCM 8.5 and 50 CIPC, almost all of them works well but 5 softphones have the problem below: Invalid SCCP message! : Invalid length = 335544320 - close connection and alarm in futureall  CIPC are configured in the same lo...

Resolved! Fax server help

We have our PRI's coming to our 2950 some of the DID's that are attached to the PRI's are for our GFI Faxmaker server.  This server uses a Brooketrout TR114+P4C card 2 ports loop-start ports 0-1 and 2 ports DID ports 2-3.  On the 2950 router I have a...

mwatson by Level 1
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                   Hello Everyone,in CUCME 8.6 is there a way to change the username on an account witout loosing the messages, greeting etc?  As username  was created and is in use but was misspelled.All replies rated.  Thanks in advance

Hi,We have a client using Meeting Place 8.5 with a maximum of 15 reserved ports, and have a couple of questions about ports reservation.1. If a meeting is scheduled with 5 defined participants, how many ports will get reserved; 5 or all 15?2. and if ...

KNYC by Level 1
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Resolved! Unity express ISM

I had a working Unity express version 8.6 on ISM , for some reason the router reloaded and now Unity will not come up. It hits /usr/bin/launch_ums.sh and then hangs.goes into waiting              I have tried resets . reloads of the ISM but no luck.....

miket by Level 5
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                 Hi guys, i need your help regarding our issue with our IP phones and SRST. Some phones (not all) keeps going to SRST mode even if the gateway router is not loosing connectivity to the CCM. We already changed the phone Detect Unified ...

cnorton by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a CUCM depolyments consisting of 3 sites one using a CUCM and the other two making use of CUCMEs.The CUCME are connected to the CUCM via Inter-Cluster Trunk (Non-Gatekeeper Controlled).The problem I am experiecning at the moment is that...