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Hi,We are running LMS 4.1 and we have more than 150 devices.LMS could not find the fault discovery for 3 switches with partnumber WS-C3560C-12PC-S. This switches are considered as unknown.Ios version is c3560c405-universalk9-mz.122-55.EX3.binBut othe...

I have a CSM 3.3 deployment coming up in few days and I wanted to download a trial edition before working on production environment . Cisco doesnt allows trial download without a service contract . Can someone from Cisco publish this file to my cisco...

Has anyone had a problem with NCS not sending emails? Not sure if it is my browser or what (talking guest wireless network accounts here), but seems like it fails trying to send emails 95% of the time. I know my server settings are proper.

Hi there,I wonder if it's possible to use EEM applets with the Nexus 5000? Based on

pille1234 by Level 3
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I want to create just one applet to monitor all my vpn tunnels ( I cannot use .tcl scripting, it bombs on sending emails to our old SMTP server, but applets work fine).Here is what I have ....event manager applet VPN-Downevent syslog occurs 1 pattern...

Does anybody know if (and when) DCNM-SAN will be available as a Nexus 1010 VSB, as it is with DCNM-LAN now?PS: Here is my previous question on how (as I wrongly assumed it was possible, looking at the documentation), which was answered by Padma (a ge...