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Cisco Works 2.2 - where is my License ?

Hello -Can you tell me where I find the licensing information for Cisco Works version 2.2 ?The server that CWs is installed on is due an OS upgrade and the plan is to wipe the drive and do a clean OS install. I cannot find the install disc for Cisco ...

biggeoff by Beginner
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Resolved! LMS 4.0.1 DFM View

Hello,this is a newbie question. I see in the overview fault counter of 8, when I click on it I get to the "Fault View" and see no faults. In Device Fault Summary I see critcal counters for some devices but whern I click on the device I see no critic...

fbender by Beginner
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Topology Services in LMS

HelloI need some help with Topology services in Campus Manager application in LMS. I have some branches in our network. They are connected to our LAN network through IPSEC/GRE tunnels over WAN network. I would like to show these links in topology ser...

LMS4.0.1 Error while loading ANI server

Hello,I have a new installation of lms 4.0.1 on windows server 2008R2 (64Bit)Everything seems to work fine : Topologie OK , Config archive OK .Except that when I go to:Admin>collection setting>data collection, I recieve an error message : " Error whi...

mmisonne by Explorer
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RME 4.2 FWSM Archive Config

We have noticed that on RME when collectoing Configs from FWSM devies that it opens 3 SSH connections to the FWSM.After successful collection it closes 1 but leaves the other 2 connections open for an hour.Why does it do 3 and why does it not termina...

New LMS4.0.1 Install. Separate DFM server?

I am about to do a new install of LMS 4.0.1.  I've been quite used to the old school CiscoWorks2000 and on but this is a new "animal."We have typically broken our NMS into two servers:  One handling most of the Common Services, RME, Campus Manager, e...

amdi by Beginner
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