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I'm trying to get EEM to send an email using syslog extensions. The script works when run manually, but it never triggers from syslog. Here is my syslog extension-::cisco::eem::event_register_syslog occurs 1 pattern .*%SYS-5-CONFIG.* maxrun 90 queue...

Hello all,I am in the process of writing a script that checks the ip assigned to an interface (Dialer assigned by PPPoE) checks a FQDN resolution and if the two IP do not match retrieve an URL hence updating a Dynamic DNS (I know there is built in su...

fabios by Level 1
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Hi,I need to know if LMS 4.1 support the below option:If any change in the configuration      of switch or route is done. Can the LMS be configured to mail/notify the      changes made by which login to a predefined Administrator mail id.Can't it giv...

Hello Community,I encounter 2 seriously annoying problems with the new CiscoPrime LMS 4.1 running the SOFT APPLIANCE (Virtual Appliance on ESX).I have patched all the device updates I can, with a direct ASDL connection. Then, I configured the Proxy S...

Hi All,I have an interesting problem at one of my customers. They are using LMS 4.0.1, but they have a problem with user tracking with SNMPv3. They using a very simple SNMP configuration, wich is the following:access-list 80 permit x.x.x.xsnmp-server...

p.imre by Level 1
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