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I am attempting to configure a discovery filter to exclude my Access Points. The filter looks correct and I finish the configuration. When I run the discovery it stills discovers the Access Points! How can I get the filter to work properly?I have att...

Setup my SNMP with the following......*************************************************snmp-server view readview internet includedsnmp-server view writeview internet includedsnmp-server view readview internet includedsnmp-server group readonly v3 pri...

Hello Experts,I have installed Cisco Security Manger with  RME 4.2 and Comman Services 3.2. RME database was consuming extra ordinary space in C: Drive, which make C Drive full. so the solution i went is:I have reinitialize the RME database successfu...

Hye to All,I have a question:  when an equipment can perform the following operations, dhcp dns echo ftp http jitter pathEcho pathJitter tcpConnectudpEchoDoes it mean that it can do all of the following (below) :• Echo Operations– Echo– Path Echo– UD...

Bethuelle by Beginner
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Hi, i have problem with lms 3.2 and Cisco Nexus 5020 Switch.i add the nexus manually on AAA and on LMS, when i go RME  Collection status i find error on both Inventory and config archiveDevices for which Inventory has never been  collected, i run the...

Unable to collect Inventory for a MDS 9148, following error :RICS0001:Internal Error,unable to process the collected data from the device.I have deleted the item and re-createdLMS 3.2 ; RME 4.3.1MDF and devices up todate.

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Resolved! SNMPv3 View

Hi all,Quick question, we are transitioning to SNMPv3. I am trying to understand the the whole view to group to user relationships. What view, when applied to a group, will allow all the users in the group the ability to see all the OIDs (everything ...

Our server admin is building the VM for Ciscoworks 4.0 and was asking if .Net 3 and patches have any impact on LMS 4.0. I think in a previous version there were some issues. Does anyone know if there are issues with 4.0?Thanks in advance